Frühlingskabine Rabbitry

Please enjoy our website and information! The different aspects of care, grooming, and breeding demonstrated on this website are simply what works for our farm and Rabbitry. Remember that there are as many ways to care for rabbits as there are owners. It is your responsibility to do your own research.



Frühlingskabine’s Cotton Candy, owner: Kaitlyn
First Place, Best Junior Doe in her class
Best of Breed
Contra Costa County Fair 2013
Judge: Randy Schumacher, Vice President of ARBA




Bring your rabbit in for a spa day! We will brush out any mats or tangles, trim their nails, and shear and harvest their wool for you. Go home with a fresh and rejuvenated rabbit and a bag full of soft angora wool.
By appointment only please. Email Sarah at: for details.
Grooming fee: $25


Frühlingskabine Rabbitry is listed on, the world’s largest rabbit breeder directory!

25 thoughts on “Frühlingskabine Rabbitry

  1. Hi, I found your blog and I was so excited. I am very interested in angora rabbits. I have been trying to self teach myself along the way. I have an angora buck named Casper. I have him for fiber although I have not perfected the spinning thing. I love the idea of self sufficence and we are working slowly in that direction. I may be interested in a rabbit if any come available and I’m definitely interested in learning better techniques in grooming. Casper always looks worse when I’m done grooming him:) poor guy! Anyways I’m stoked there is someone in Sonora like me with French angora!!!


  2. I wish I was closer, I would gladly double the grooming fee!!! We were given a very grumpy angora rabbit by my sister in law because they had to move and couldn’t keep him. I called everyone within an hours drive of me to get him groomed or to teach me how to groom him and the best I found was someone who had groomed a rabbit once before. Needless to say, we decided to butcher our way through his grooming, poor guy. He is not as pretty as he could be, but he is mat free. Now if I could just get him to sit through regular brushings, (or at least not attack my hand every time I am near him!)

    • Just give him time… I’m sure he’ll come around. The great thing about angora coats is that they’ll always grow back! If you ever run into trouble, just clip him down to a short haircut. Just make sure when you clip him, to angle the scissors on their side so that you’re sure you won’t catch his skin. Other than that… I have a grooming video in the archives here and if you have any questions I’d be happy to do an update video for you. Good luck!

  3. Hi, I recently got a English angora rabbit for a family pet. When I got him they mentioned about selling his fur later on if I was interested. I didn’t think anything of it b/c I didn’t know much about angora rabbits, except that they were soft =) Now that I have him and realize how much hair they grow, and how to groom him, I was thinking of selling his fur. I’m not interested in spinning it myself, I wouldn’t know where to start, and I really don’t have the time with a job and two kids. I didn’t know if it was worth anything or not if it wasn’t spun before you sell it. I’m new to this and just wondered what the pricing should be for the fiber. I’m not looking to get rich, but maybe it will pay for his food lol =) I just wanted an idea, I tried to look else where, but whenever I saw your video on youtube on how to groom them, I thought I would ask you =) Thanks!

    • Hi Jenilee and thanks for reading/watching! Most angora wool sells for $5.00-$8.00 an ounce for raw, unspun. Once you spin it though, the price increases about two fold. The only problem I have run into as far as selling wool is that most people want yarn… not raw wool. It seems like everyone who knows what to do with raw wool has a wool source of their own. Maybe it will be easier in your area to market angora wool. Think specialty markets like yarn shops (for spinners), or more eco/natural living shops like Waldorf stores, or you could even sell online!

  4. So glad to have found you! I added 3 Angora does to our farm this weekend that had been “free ranged” and were quite a mess. My 15 year old and I spent a couple of hours brushing and picking out straw over the weekend and there’s probably another couple of hours to be done. I’m a beginning spinner and plan to market yard. Your site is a treasure!

    • Thank you so much for the kind compliment! Congratulations on your new wooly friends and hopefully you can get them cleaned up and de-matted soon. Thanks for reading and let me know if you ever have any questions. Have a fantastic week!

  5. Good morning! Great site! Very informative! Thank you for taking the time to do this.
    I do have a question. You mention feeding apple cider vinegar in the rabbit’s water bottles, I was wondering how much per bottle you use? Thank you..

    • I use about 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. You can do as little as 1 teaspoon and still have it be somewhat effective. I just pour in a small glug which is about 1 tablespoon. It won’t hurt them, but if you use too much, they may not want to drink it.

  6. Hi, I noticed that about a year ago, you were thinking about preserving Angora hides by tanning them. Since this something I’m interested in, I’m curious whether you found a method that worked for you. Thanks!

    • Uhh…… I haven’t quite gotten to tanning yet. I have over a dozen pelts sitting in my freezer waiting for me to be a little less lazy. 🙂 Actually, ii haven’t tried yet simply because I haven’t ordered one of the ingredients for the “pickle” that I need and I keep forgetting to do that.

      Someday soon! Before summer at least. It is better to do tanning when it isn’t crazy hot outside.

  7. I found your site looking for fodder feeding rabbits . You have a great site. my question, I have, at this time only 2 pet rabbits, would one use the same 6% per weight for pet rabbits?

  8. Hi! Just wondering what your thoughts are on diatomaceous earth. Heard some good and bad things about using it on rabbits and am getting mixed emotions. Is it safe to use on deworming rabbits? If so how much? I also heard that people will sprinkle it around where there rabbits play pin is to prevent fleas & etc. but also heard that it could extremely hurt them if they were to inhale it? & dust baths on rabbits? Let me know what you think.

    • Hmm… That’s a tough one. I would prefer to use diatomaceous earth over chemical medications and the sort, but I would also be very careful in using it. Yes, the main concern would be inhalation. D.E. is very, very dusty and inhaling it can cause respiratory problems.

      If you want to use it for mites, sprinkle it very sparingly on the back, not the face, getting into the coat as close to the skin as possible. I don’t really see much cause to use it as a dewormer like you would other animals, but I suppose a teaspoon or less on top of their food couldn’t hurt.

      I would not use it as a preventative sprinkled on the ground or in enclosures or as a dust bath… rabbits stir up dust on their own and don’t need any extra dust to give them problems.

      All in all, try _not_ to use it on rabbits as much as possible. But if you had to, you could.

      • thanks sarah! I haven’t gotten any DE yet because of those concerns i asked you about and now i will definitely stay away from it! thank god i don’t have a flea or bug problem (knock on wood), but since we had like no winter here in Fresno, I was getting ready for there to be an outbreak because people were talking about that since we had such a mild winter that “could” set us up for disaster flea/tick wise! i gotta be ready!

  9. Hey! Yeah she’s doing great! She just got spayed about 2 weeks ago and is already healed and has her fur back from where they shaved her Hahaa. She’s a fluffy little thing and quite the celebrity at the vet! I saw your farm your video. Sucha great idea putting a swamp cooler in the shed for them haha. I bet there in heaven!

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