Rabbit Supply List

This is a list of materials that are required for the health and maintenance of a French Angora rabbit. French Angoras can weigh between eight and ten pounds (8-10 lbs) and require a larger cage than other rabbit breeds. Before bringing your new bunny home, please have the following items on hand:

• Sheltered wire cage or outdoor hutch. Housing should be well protected from drafts and sunlight. Cages should measure 30 x 30 x 16 inches or (preferably) 30 x 36 x 18 inches.

• 32 oz. water bottle or 32 oz. ceramic water crock
• 1 cup size ceramic or plastic feed dish
• Grass Hay (preferably Timothy or Orchard Grass hay; not Alfalfa)

• Quality feed (16-17% protein) such as:
Sprouted Barley Fodder or Sprouted Wheat Fodder
Manna Pro
Blue Seal Show Hutch Deluxe
Blue Seal 16%
Farmer’s Best

• Slicker brush
• Metal comb
• Toenail clipper (usually sold for small dog or cat)

For the Car Trip Home Please bring:
• Secure metal rabbit carrying cage. If transporting more than one rabbit, you must either have separate compartments for each OR separate carriers. They should not be transported together.
• If a metal cage is unavailable, one or more cat carriers may be substituted.
• Feed and Water dishes will not be necessary during transport unless the trip extends overnight or lengthy stops are expected. Rabbits typically do not eat or drink in transport, so it is important to provide food and drink immediately upon arrival home.

Rabbit Supply Sources:
Your Local Feed Store –support your community by shopping local!
Tractor Supply Co. –many locations
KW Cages –based in California
Bass Equipment –based in California
Klubertanz –based in Wisconsin

6 thoughts on “Rabbit Supply List

  1. I have seen that a lot of people reccommend using a turn-table for grooming the rabbits. In your videos you do not use one. Is that because you don’t have one or is it just a waste? I’ve also noticed in several videos the rabbit is running around like it’s terrified but yours just sit there like they are bored. Do you give your rabbits anything (like treats? I am NOT suggesting in any way that you might drug them!!!) to calm them? Or do they just get that way with regular handling?

    • I don’t use one simply because I have gotten along just fine without one. If I need to get to the other side of a rabbit, I just pick them up and turn them. Ha! They do look bored. It’s just because I handle them all the time that they sit nicely for me. I think they have just gotten used to it because if you see videos of Seven when he was just a few months old as compared to now, he used to be pretty fidgety. I groomed him on my lap today (because of the rain) and he just laid there like he was sleeping while letting me comb wool out. I have tried treats before and for some reason my rabbits don’t fall for it. Thanks so much for your questions!

    • I raise French Angora rabbits as a multipurpose animal for wool and meat. French Angoras are the only angora rabbit breed with a “commercial” body type which is appropriate for meat. At 16-weeks my rabbits have perfect pelts and weigh in at 5-5.5 lbs and 2.5 lbs dressed.

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