Farm Tours


Join in on one of our Spring or Summer “Farm Tours” and enjoy discussion, shared knowledge, and demonstrations. During each Farm Tour we will have a brief introduction of what we are doing and why followed by a walk around Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm to see the main garden, mushroom garden, Rabbitry, apiary, and chickens. Each aspect of the farm will be discussed in detail and have a hands-on activity. We will finish up the morning with a light snack prepared in the homemade cob oven.

If you’ve ever had a question on practical square foot gardening applications, rabbit raising and breeding, backyard chickens, keeping bees, growing barley fodder, or building crazy homestead-related tools and outbuildings… then this tour is for you! Bring your questions and your appetite for learning and let us spend a morning together discussing homesteading and backyard farming.



We will tour:

The Gardens:
o Square-foot gardening
o Natural pest control, what pests look like, and companion planting
o Making the most of what you have
o Composting
o Fun trellising tricks
o DIY gardening tools to make life easy
o Getting started with edible mushroom cultivation
o Sprouted fodder for livestock and backyard animals
o The cob oven

The Rabbitry:
o Rabbit handling basics
o Sexing the rabbit
o Health maintenance– treating common ailments
o Commercial rabbit feeds and alternative feed sources
o Plants– what is safe for your rabbit
o Breeding basics
o Pregnant doe care
o Newborn kit care and weaning
o Wire vs. Wood housing
o Keeping the habitat clean

The Apiary:
o Why become a backyard beekeeper?
o The life and role of bees
o Tools of the trade
o Types of hives
o Common problems and solutions
o Keeping chemicals out of your beekeeping process

The Chicken Coop:
o Meet the ladies
o The importance of free-ranging
o Predator protection and housing
o Chicken health
o Nutrition and the benefits of fodder
o The glorious fruit of the noble hen

The Quail:
o Our successes and failures in raising quail (we no longer raise them)
o Backyard quail vs. backyard chickens



Limited spaces are available so please contact us today to sign up! All tours are at our home-based teeny tiny farm, Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm, in Sonora, California. To reserve your space, email: with the subject “Farm Tour” or call Sarah at: (209) 588-1262.

Farm Tour Dates:

Last Tour Of The Year!

September 7, 2013
Saturday 10:00am – 1:00 pm

$20 per person/ $30 per couple
4 spaces left!

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