Customer Reviews


“When I was considering purchasing my rabbits, I contacted Sarah from Frühlingskabine Micro Farm to see if she would be willing to answer a few questions I had regarding the raising and care of Angoras. From the beginning, she has been nothing but helpful! She went out of her way to answer all of my questions, no matter how silly I thought they were, even though I had not once mentioned purchasing a rabbit from her. Because of her kindness and willingness to answer my questions and book suggestions and other resources to get me started in becoming a breeder, I chose to purchase my first two rabbits from her rabbitry.

Sarah was wonderful during the purchase of my two rabbits. I was interested in a breeding pair and she helped my select a male with a soft coat and wonderful temperment. And she was willing to hold him for me until a female was ready for me too. Since it was about a 15 hour drive (one way) this was a real life saver for me! I ended up with two beautiful rabbits, from two different lines who should produce gorgeous litters in the future!

In picking up my rabbits, I was pleased to see that her rabbits were all happy and healthy, the rabbitry was clean and well cared for, and it was obvious that she took time to care for her rabbits. She even had a large outdoor “play yard” for the rabbits, with all sorts of “toys” to give them a kind of mental and physical stimulation that just would not be possible for rabbits spending all of their time in a cage. She also took the time to give me a hands on grooming demonstration and make sure I was comfortable with the rabbits and that all of my last minute questions were answered.

Sarah has also been extremely helpful since my purchase. Any questions I have had about their care or grooming, she has answered within 48 hours at the very most! My rabbits have been healthy and happy since I brought them home four months ago and I am just about ready to breed them – a first for all of us. I know that I will be asking Sarah for a few pointers as I get ready to bring a new litter into the world and I KNOW that she will be ready and willing to help in any way she can.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience with Fruhlingskabine Micro Farm and Sarah. I would advise anyone looking to purchase a quality, healthy French Angora to look no further than FMF. I look forward to purchasing another Doe from Sarah in the future as my own breeding program expands.”

— Melissa Cold Hands Farm,


“Thank you, Fruhlingskabine Rabbitry, for breeding high-quality French Angoras. I am very pleased with the rabbit I purchased from you. The three-hour drive to your rabbitry was well worth it. I appreciate your friendly customer service and for always responding promptly.

My French Angora is perfect in every way—with his beautiful and luxurious coat, very sweet and calm personality, high intelligence and ease of handling. I especially appreciate that you take the time to handle your rabbits from birth. This makes such a difference and is especially important for Angoras since they must be handled a fair amount when being groomed.

Your website is awesome with all the great information on care, grooming, coat colors and demonstration videos. It’s a very helpful resource for anyone who has a French Angora or is thinking about purchasing one.

I love my French Angora and enjoy pampering him. He is a very cherished member of our family. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful rabbit.”

— Carolyn


“I can say you have beautiful healthy well cared for rabbits because I was just at your house and purchased one from you! And he is wonderful! Perfect if I do say so myself! I have never seen a rabbit so calm and literally loves to be handled! And you even showed me all of your rabbits and where you keep them (I even got to hold the babies) not the new ones they were not born yet. But the cute fluffy ones! Some lucky people are getting those rabbits. I seen 3 I would have bought right then. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that there was no odor in there considering I am very sensitive to smells! you took the time to show me how you groom them and gave me plenty of resources as well not just your way! You sent me home with the feed and hay that he had been eating and what to do if I was to switch it. Which I didn’t do because after doing my own research I determined that you are feeding what is best for the rabbits. You are doing a great thing don’t let anyone spoil that! Mature intelligent people know take information then do their own research and come to their own conclusion. If someone takes one persons or blog or web searches advice as gospel then they deserve the outcome. There is more than one way to skin a cat! Every single breeder of any animals will all have their own way of doing things its called being an individual and one of the freedoms we have in this country is to do things our own way!
Two thumbs up girl!
5 stars!”

— Terri


More customer reviews are on the way!

If you have purchased a rabbit from us, please send in a review in your own words that includes any or all of the following:
* your experience with our customer service
* your satisfaction with the rabbit purchased
* your general view of our Rabbitry

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