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We love to hear from our readers! Please feel free to send us an email or letter with questions, comments, pictures, and even stories. Our new farm is in the middle of nowhere with limited internet access, so please allow up to one week for us to respond.
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11 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • I think you already emailed me about this, but I will answer here anyway just incase someone else can use the info.

      I buy my barley seed from a local feed store, Sonora Feed. But you can always look at your own local feed store or big places like Tractor Supply or bulk suppliers like Azure Standard.

  1. What a great website. Thank you for sharing so many great ideas. I love your fodder system. Is it possible to lightly spray each tray rather than dumping the bucket of water at the top. Trying to eleminate the icky water at the bottom (we have enough smelly things in the house – haha).

    • Well, maybe yes and maybe no. Try it out and see how it works. Keep in mind though, that it is the ROOTS that need the water and not the sprouted portion. Typically, the sprouted grain likes to be flooded completely and then drained well which is why I pour a bowl of water over it all.

  2. Hi Sarah……Thank u for sharing all that you do… daughter has especially appreciated all of your DIY wool rabbit care info, and we are sorry about the tragic & sad loss of Bunaby Jones…..She is fortunate to already have AC, , but I thought u might want to research and try the DIY 5 gallon bucket air coolers…..hopefully they are as effective as ppl claim?…..and many ‘lil lives could be saved, as so many Angora caretakers learn from your blogs….they seem inexpensive and simple to make and run….YouTube has several different variations posted, some requiring ice, some not…..u could try searching “DIY air conditioner”…. best wishes, n.

  3. Love you website, it has been SO helpful. I would not know half the things i do about Angoras. I am going to get Angoras soon, and you are the breeder i will buy from. Thanks for all your help. 🙂

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