Exciting Rabbit Colors :: video

A few of these colors I am very excited about and am looking forward to see how they develop. Others, like the tortoiseshells, I am not terribly enthusiastic about, but I’m sure someone out there will find them interesting. Out of all the colors in the two litters, I am hoping to hold back a Self Black, a Self Lilac, and maybe even a Chocolate Agouti. Of course, this is all going to depend on how many are female. Keep your fingers crossed and hold your breath for me!

I am also very excited about taking a picture of all the colors I have this time around. I want to take a new photo like the one below that I took of Dandelion’s litter last year. I want a whole rainbow if I can capture it!


In the meantime, enjoy this video showing off colors from my new litters…

Old School Soap Results!

I think I did pretty darn well for my first batch of soap from scratch. I didn’t burn myself, I didn’t spill lye on my clothes, I kept it away from the kid and the dog, I pre-drilled holes on my homemade mold box and didn’t split the wood, and the soap even set up like it was supposed to! Taking the time to pre-drill holes while building was probably my biggest accomplishment during this whole project.

I mean really guys– I wish you knew how accident prone I am. I once sliced through my fingertip with a wood burner. A few years ago I attached my hand to a wall via nail gun. I can’t even count how many times I have burned myself on the oven… and waffle iron… and cook pan. I am so notorious for hurting myself that last year, my mother bought me elbow-length oven mitts. It’s bad.

Aaaaanyway. The soap looks and smells awesome! The wooden loaf mold I made worked like a charm. Since I lined it with parchment paper, the soap slipped right out without so much as a thought. I sliced the loaf up into about 12 generous bars (and cut off the sad looking parts) and set them up in an open box to cure over the next four weeks. Some of the bars are a little misshapen so I am thinking of felting them and then giving them as holiday gifts. I’d hate to sell my first batch just because I am so inexperienced. I’d like to use this same recipe again and make a nicer looking soap. Then I will sell some of my Old School Soap with Frühlingskabine honey in our online Etsy shop.

Excuse my dark indoor photo…

Excuse my sickly man voice… (I have a cold.)

Rabbitry Update video :: November 2013

This video is all about the babes! Well, rabbit babes… babies. Why don’t people say “babes” in reference to infants anymore? Now “babes”‘refers mostly to hot chicks. And not of the poultry variety either. Every once in awhile I will say something and realize that some of my vocabulary and speech is reminiscent of a 200 year old woman. Oh well. On to the babes.