Lefse Prep


Who is prepping their lefse tonight? I know I am! The potatoes are boiling as I type. This family is big on lefse– a Norwegian flat bread made of potatoes, butter, flour, and cream. It isn’t really a holiday without it. In fact, we have pulled my brother’s girlfriend over to The Dark Side. Apparently she has been craving lefse since I made it on Easter… lefse is an excellent judge of character. She is also pregnant, so that may be a variable, but I like to think it is mostly my superb cooking skills.

Need something foreign and exotic to make to wow your family or Turkey Day hostess? Make lefse. End of story. Here is my secret family recipe!

New Turkey Home

The new home for our biggest tom is… in our refrigerator.



I don’t know how much he weighs because my digital scale only goes to 15 pounds and apparently Tom weighs more than that. When I put him on the sale after being dressed, it could only tell me “Err”. I think it meant error, but a disgruntled err works too. I’d be a bit mad if I had a hulk of a turkey sitting on me.


So after his ice bath, he ended up in a sea salt brine in the fridge. The thing was, he didn’t fit in those special turkey bags they have at the butcher counter in the market. So we used a food-grade bucket we got from the bakery. He is currently labeled as “35 pounds of Bavarian Cream”.

Thursday morning he should hop right into my oven, cover himself with foil (because he is skinless), and then he will baste himself every 30 minutes. That is, if he fits in the oven. There is some dispute on that one. Trevor thinks he will fit fine. I think there will be an inch or less of space before he hits the top heating element.

Only Turkey Day will reveal the correct party. What are you other Americans doing for Thanksgiving?


Of course as soon as I decide my blog-break is over, Trevor’s laptop and only connection to dial-up internet, craps out. Erg. So here I am– literally six miles down the road with my car wedged between Mountain Ranch’s lone store and the realty office utilizing the free wifi. Pretty sad that the itsy bitsy town of Mountain Ranch is more technologically advanced than my house.

In any case, I had to get more eggs after using everything in the fridge making these puppies:



Stroopwafel is the best thing to happen to the world since indoor plumbing. That might not be the best example, but stroopwafel is a major accomplishment for mankind.

I don’t remember where I had my first stroopwafel, but I’m sure it had something to do with going to work one day with my mom in Oakland. For some reason I spent a lot of days at work with my mom. I know she never let me skip school so we must have had many school holidays then. Oakland has a high crime-rate, a football team, and really great food. Only one of which I care about. And as a kid, nothing perks up a day sitting in a big office building with your mom like going out for lunch and snacks.


Stroopwafel tastes like a… well, a waffle-cookie with a brown sugar syrup in sandwiched between the two layers that has a bit of maple and molasses taste. You know you have the perfect stroopwafel when it is thin and crisp when cool and the syrup inside melts a bit when warmed on the top of a mug of tea.

Missing Postcards?

Hey folks,

Our local post office is notorious for not sending mail and/or losing mail. In fact, I thought some simple postcards wouldn’t be any trouble considering they have only lost packages of mine so far, but I am always being proven wrong. So if you have not received a postcard from me from our postcard exchange, please let me know and I would be happy to make a new one for you. I enjoyed all of your postcards so much and thanks to a few of you, I learned more about your home states. A big, hearty thank you to everyone who participated!

Missing postcard? Email me: fmicrofarm@gmail.com
I have lots of postcard stamps left. 😉

Happy 2014!

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit! Let’s all have a happy, prosperous, and successful year.

No New Year’s rabbits this morning, but I was being a little hopeful considering that both Philly and Khaleesi aren’t due until tomorrow. They still have the rest of the day to deliver some lucky rabbits I suppose. Both rabbit does have built their nests and have pulled wool to line them with. Pulling wool and fur is always a good sign of babies on the way. No wool, no babies. But that isn’t the case this time. My two little ladies are showing signs of a happy new year indeed.


Also on the rabbit front, I hope to be bringing home my newest rabbit doe in the next couple weeks. There is currently a tie in votes for her name, so if you haven’t voted, do so quickly. Voting will end when she arrives. It will be so nice to have more than two does again. Losing Blackberry a few months ago was a big hit to my breeding program considering that I was already one rabbit short of my doe capacity. I easily have room for four does and two bucks. But, after bringing home this new Self Lilac doe and finding a suitable doe kit to hold back from one of these litters, I should be back up to where I need to be.


Our new year is getting off to a great start. This morning I cut my new batch of goats milk, honey, and olive oil soap into bars and set them out to dry. Then I drove downtown to milk goats and brought home some fresh milk for making cheese. Now, the three of us are gearing up to play a new board game, Qwirkle, while listening to Pandora radio. The family has requested hashbrowns and eggs for lunch and it sounds like the water for my tea is almost done heating up on the woodstove.

Ah… family, goats, rabbits, fresh milk, homemade soap, hashbrowns, and tea certainly make for a wonderful 2014.

Everyone here at the Frühlingskabine wishes you and yours a Happy New Year!