Un-assembled Greenhouse

By un-assembled I mean, of course, that it is too bloody hot to put together something as reflective as a greenhouse. But the main components are here now. A dear family friend gave us all of the windows and doors we could transport after remodeling her house and my mother was kind enough to drive to San Diego in her truck to bring them home for me.

From what my mother tells me, most of these are 1920’s glass doors. She also has a tendency to ahem!… exaggerate, so I couldn’t really say for sure. I believe that she believes that they are from the 1920’s.


In any case, these sweet gems will magically transform into a Pinterest-worthy greenhouse. A few days ago I braved the triple digit temperature to measure each window and door. I used graph paper to measure and represent each window and door so that I could get a rough draft of how the walls would fit together. One of the doors has a really cool metal handle and latch so I hope to use that one for the front door of the greenhouse.

Otherwise, I will use 2×4″ studs to create a frame to mount the doors and windows on. In an effort to preserve the doors, I want to use the metal hinges still on each door to mount them to the studs. It would also be extra handy because I have the full screens for a few of the doors. Ventilation is always a must in a greenhouse. The roof will then be made of frosted/light colored, corrugated PVC decking material; just like the old rabbit shed used to have. I will also have to come up with some sort of front wall since I only had enough windows and doors to make up full sides and a rear. The front will, however, have a glass door and two medium-sized windows. The finished greenhouse should measure about 6.5 x 9 feet.





Gala, you are the awesomest! I forever appreciate your support and love. And windows. 🙂 When it’s all finished I will send you a photo and some more honey.

Mom, there are too many projects that I have you to thank for some reason or another. I know you were planning to visit anyway, but I love you for packing your truck to the brim with windows –during the summer– for me.

My Tree Guild Favorites

With the aide of my growing home library, I compiled a group of permaculture-inspired tree guilds. The plants used in my guilds are plants that I like to eat. So if you don’t see any kale, that’s because I think it is the most vile leaf known to man—but stick it in there when you see fit.

The plan is that someday our entire hügelkultur garden and orchard will utilize all of these guilds. In the meantime, feel free to use, share, and print any of my “cheat sheets”. Get out in that dirt and start something cool.

permaculture: a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, environmental design, construction, and integrated water resources management that develops regenerative and self-maintained habitat and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems. “Permanent agriculture”.

tree guild: an arrangement of symbiotic plants that serve as a plant community for the benefit of the whole. A typical permaculture tree guild is defined by plants which fit into one of these functions: upper canopy tree (shade, mulch, traps humidity), lower canopy tree (same functions as the upper canopy, but shorter), herb, root, fungi, vine, bush, and ground cover.

Print-friendly versions can be found on the Printables page. 🙂










Ideas Brewing

I need to fine tune these ideas, but for now I have jotted them down. I would at least like to get the mushroom garden up and running by the end of summer with or without the rest of the Aquaponic system attached. My current lack of mushrooms (I sold all my fruiting shiitake logs just before moving) has made me crave them more.

Oh, and kudos to you if you can read my scary handwriting.

fodder/aquaponics/mushroom/tomato/strawberry system

A “topical” fencing idea to avoid the bedrock the whole field sits on. Several miles down the road I saw someone use a similar method to fence in a pasture… they must have suffered from shallow bedrock as well.


Thanks for the better ideas Kaisha! I revamped my milk production printable to include AM and PM columns for each day, a subtotal space for each, and a method of measurement to circle just to keep things clear. As always, I appreciate your feedback. I like it better this way too.

Milk Production printable
Keep track of your milk production with this printable.