Responsible Adult-ing

I think I’m starting to get this whole “responsible adult” thing down. Just yesterday I turned down a free donkey. The owner was even going to drop him off for us! Guys… It was free! Trevor said he talks to the donkey often and he is very friendly. Yes, I know how odd that may sound to people who don’t pass by donkeys on a regular basis. But in the land of larger farm animals, it’s important to talk to sweet donkeys.

Turning down this donkey was kind of big for me. I can’t tell you how much I would love a donkey. But, alas– I am being responsible. While I have a pen that would be okay, the goats are in there with nowhere else to go. So if this donkey did not get along with my goats, I’d be screwed. Or if this donkey was frightened by our incredibly forceful thunder and lightning, it could easily bust our fence and I’d be screwed.  

Feeding a donkey wouldn’t take much more than we are alrea,dy set up for, so that wasn’t a real issue. It’s taking in a large animal with no time to prepare that gave me pause. Like someone handing you a candy bar when your mouth is already full. “Uh.. I dwont tink I cawm hanmule tmat mright now..”

I would have said yes if we had our new fence up and if I had the cash to go down and buy a horse blanket. I guess this donkey had been out in our recent mega-hail/wind/rain storms with nothing and was fine, but it would give me piece of mind. I had neither, so I gave a reluctant “no thanks” to my candy bar.

Alas– no donkey this week. It would have been incredibly fun though! *Sigh*  Someday I will be adequately prepared and then I will have my donkey. 

4 thoughts on “Responsible Adult-ing

  1. When the time is right all things will fall into place. Although a donkey would be an excellent predator deterrent if only an early alarm system for your goats. I applaud your adultness.

  2. I really understand that feeling. I can not have a donkey at home right now, and I would love one 🙂

    This thing about growing old, it is weird sometimes…

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