Moving on to happy things.

It has been too long since I was last in the blog groove. So I’m going to show off our pumpkin harvest. Luckily, when we were evacuated, our pumpkins were mostly ripe. When we returned, the plants were long dead after the oppressing smoke and lack of water, but a dozen or so beautifully orange pumpkins and deep green squash were ready to pick.

We have since made a couple batches of pumpkin soup (recipe around the blog somewhere) and a pan of pumpkin bars. These beauties were seeds harvested from our climbing Amish Pie Pumpkins planted at our Sonora rental garden. Great tasting pumpkins, for certain.


3 thoughts on “Moving on to happy things.

  1. Glad everyone is well. I was just thinking about you and wondering how things were a couple of days ago. Do you save your seeds? I would love to send something for a few seeds for next years garden.

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