Updates Soon…

I’m terribly sorry I have not  been a good blogger lately. We have gone from, “nothing going on” to “evacuated from a devastating fire”. Not the best transition as far as needing a little excitement on the farm. Currently, we know nothing about the progress of the fire, but as of Sunday, our house was spotted as still standing. The whole of our town has been burned to the ground, however, and life will be very different from here on out. We have not been allowed back home since a last-second evacuation a week ago.

The Butte Fire, here in Calaveras county, California has burned over 71,000 acres and over 210 homes have been counted as lost. We are currently at 37% containment. Numbers on constantly changing.

If you care to check in on our fire, we live in the tiny town of Mountain Ranch… Pretty much the center of the ominous red blob on the fire map. We were able to get ourselves (the humans), Hänsel, the goats, and the sheep out safely, but were unable to evacuate the turkeys, chickens, or Cami’s pet Angora rabbit. Ironically, we are staying with family in the very 1/4 acre we left over a year ago. The hoofed creatures are in the makeshift refugee camp/vacant garden.

Once the road closures are lifted and we return home, I will be sure to update you. Until then, we are waiting, watching the news like all of you.