Serious Buyers Only

Here are the three rabbits I have for sale now. Serious buyers only please. These will be my final rabbits for sale. :

No, I will not lower the price for anyone… These sweet rabbits took a lot of effort, love, and money to upkeep. I am happy to answer questions, but please do not waste my time. I will also be selling their used 30×36″ cages and pans.

Remaining two rabbits, Hasselhop and Philadelphia, will only be sold as a pair. They are from separate lines and are perfect for breeding. $100 for the pair of rabbits. 🙂

Email me:


Frühlingskabine’s Hasselhop (pictured above)

  • Color: Chocolate Agouti, brown eyes
  • Buck/Male
  • Born: 01/02/2014 of Carter’s Cuties Toblerone x Fruhlingskabine’s Khaleesi
  • Notes: proven buck fabulous coat and wool quality, very dense coat, currently sheared for summer, very friendly, tip of ear missing: his ear was nibbled on by a littermate as a week-old kit, healed just fine, but the tip of one ear is missing about 1/4″ inch.


ER’s Philadelphia (pictured above)

  • Color: Ruby Eyed White
  • Doe/Female
  • Born: 06/06/2012
  • Notes: great mother, proven doe, produces self blacks and self blues and agouti colors, not very dense wool, silky coat, has produced show champions, no known disqualifications.

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