Neglectful Blogger

Lately I feel like I have been neglecting my blog. Well, I guess I have. As I go about my day-to-day life, it all seems like reporting on such little things would be boring to others. It’s this calm that I love. Sure, there is not much to say when life is going well. I don’t have anything to complain about, nothing to rant on, nothing bothering me at the moment. Just blissful farmyness.

California is heating up in anticipation of summer and with our severe drought, we have postponed most of our fun, big projects for “rainy days”. Things like our aquaponics plans and our fodder growing set up are gathering a bit of dust, but Mother Nature rules the land and if she says ‘no water’ then our focus needs to –and has– gone elsewhere. I’m okay with that.

So what are we doing? Hmm.. We have been playing with the goats; getting them all back into good condition after our winter. Goat kids are the BEST distractors. Need to kill an hour? Just go play with some baby goats. We sheared the sheep and I am steeling my mind for cleaning and spinning two garbage bags worth of wool (real technical measurement, maybe I’ll weigh it).

I am also getting photos together so that I can sell all my French Angoras and shut down the rabbitry. Surely there will be quite a few questions about this, but let me put it simply: I love having a niche in the market as far as raising an uncommon breed. But, I started raising and breeding the rabbits because, at the time, I did not have the space for a larger wool animal like sheep. I wanted wool animals. Now that I have these awesome Shetland sheep, raising angora rabbits is not necessary for this farm. It was a hugely rewarding and fun hobby and side-business, but I feel like the sun is setting on that venture and my focus can now move to another part of the farm. So if you want a rabbit, I have three for sale now and a fourth once I get him to a more ideal weight.

In the near future, my posts will be kind of scattered. I don’t like to post (or read) filler on blogs. I like to keep things relevant, important, and fun. So while it has been two weeks since my last post, I have a bunch scheduled to go up over the next few days. I think I like having sporadic updates. Because, let’s face it, life doesn’t have 3-4 unique post subjects complete with “tags” and interesting photos every week. 😉

Happy Monday Folks!

4 thoughts on “Neglectful Blogger

  1. Awwww, not the rabbits! Will have to find another French angora rabbitry blog online to follow as well. Not that I’ll stop reading you. With all the PETA reports on how inhumane angora wool harvesting is, yours was noticed because you did it with love. But I do understand. With more property comes larger animals and the smaller ones fall to the wayside. Wished I lived closer to you ’cause I’d buy your rabbitry outright. I love the breed.

    • Thanks Jo. Yeah, Cami wants to keep one of our babies as a pet. So there will always be one little Frenchie on the farm. 😉 And I’ll always keep my rabbit info on the website.

  2. I saw the rabbit ad post before this one and was worried. Glad to see that you’re making the decision because things are going so well. I love reading your posts whenever they happen – no worries about regularity. But pretty much any time you want to post some pictures of baby goats, that would be awesome. Because those guys are adorable!

    Hope summer goes well for you and I’ll stay tuned.

    Emily (one of your many blog followers)

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