Gotta Have More Hügle

Shortening German words doesn’t really work, but we call hügelkultur just plain “hügle” around here. Trevor hates saying long, crazy words… of which, includes most of the German language.

With the help of my awesomely, fantastic Grammy, we were able to purchase some dirt for a bonafide garden. As in: real “veggie garden mix” garden soil. We had thought ahead a little and started seedlings so that once we had the soil delivered, we could get planting. 

Some of our soil went to fill pots so that we can keep our cilantro, artichokes, and tomatoes separate. They really spruce up our porch. It makes us look like really “with it” people. With one hügle finished and a dozen large pots filled, we should still have plenty to make two more large hüglekultur. I want to link them all up to not only catch water rolling down the hill, but also to make a cool squiggly snake design.

These new hüglekultur are being planted out back. While this makes them slightly more attractive to deer and jackrabbits daring enough to get close to the house, we don’t have to worry about gophers at all because of the shallow, solid bedrock out back. Sometimes gophers pose a larger threat. Plus, we need to use our triangle 1/3 acre in the front to fence in a larger space for the goats and sheep. Poor Bolverk and our keeper buckling will still live by the house, but the ladies are going to get an upgrade.



2 thoughts on “Gotta Have More Hügle

  1. I love your use of German words (and the shortening of thus) for a rather selfish reason – I just learned German and by understanding the words without needing the translations – I feel ‘in the know’, lol.
    I’ve been fascinated by the Hügelkultur for about a year but haven’t got the space for one. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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