Four Hands and a Pair of Fiskars

With Trevor’s help, I sheared the sheep the other day. I got through Inga and then only halfway done with Bolverk before I realized I could barely stand up. All of that hunching over really upset my back. With our recent 80 degree weather, I decided the sheep would probably appreciate a haircut. 

Since I started this shearing project a little on-the-fly, I didn’t have any sheep shears… so I used some orange handled Fiskars scissors. It’s what I do with the rabbits.For the most part they look good, but poor Bolverk looks a little odd. Cami says he “has his shirt off” and is “wearing puffy pants”. Sure, Cami, sure.

I’ll have to weigh what each of my adults gave me once I finish Bolverk’s haircut.



5 thoughts on “Four Hands and a Pair of Fiskars

  1. I would get shears and finish the job. You are missing a lot of usable fleece. It might even be worth it to hire it done.

  2. Last year I used dog shears and it took three of us forever to shear two sheep. Over the winter I found some shears on eBay and it is going to make all the difference in the world. I have done one sheep with hand shears/scissors and it is hard. Especially because I was afraid of cutting too close so missing fleece was a reality. Good luck finishing up. Every time you do it you will get better.

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