Bridgit Had Triplets!

Sunday afternoon Bridgit kidded triplets! I knew there had to be more an just twins in there, she was a blimp. I was able to witness my first goat birth as well. It was creepy, but awesome! Basically, there is a lot of gross, slimy stuff you don’t want to know about, then this big blob comes out. Once Bridgit started licking the blob, it moved! All of the sudden it started looking more like a goat kid and less like a blob. Almost as if definition came to its face  and legs and body as I watched it. Like I said, creepy, but awesome.

Now we’re just waiting for Luna to kid hers.


Tan buck.


Tan and white, Buck.


Black and white, doe.


17 thoughts on “Bridgit Had Triplets!

  1. if you can try to milk out a little colostrum in case you need it later. frozen goat colostrum is good for a lot of animals.

      • Yes! Been raising them for years now, so I may be a little one sided.. but they have the best milk and milk fat of any dairy goat. Not to mention the best personality!! Being a member of both ADGA and AGS, I haven’t seen a drop off, if anything they are expanding in popularity. Their small size and gentle nature make them a natural for small homesteaders. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work!

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