Buildin’ a Cob Oven

Today we are working on our new cob oven. Most of it will be the same as our last cob oven design, as far as the size. This time, however, we are building it from natural clay, instead of man-made “fire clay”, and we are building the base structure larger so we can fit plates or a cutting board on it without needing an additional table. Our base is constructed of old bricks that used to make a path leading to the side door on the house. When we first moved in a year ago, we moved most of the bricks to form a new path leading to the front door; a much more natural looking pathway.

All we need to do now is: fill in the base with fire-proof material, top it all off with a layer of brick to form the top of the “box” base, then construct a form out of sand, layer on the cob (clay and chopped straw mix), let it dry, scoop out the sand, and call it done. Easy peasy.

I’m thinking of using some of my scrap tile to make a design on the cob oven.



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