Kids Are A Comin’

Not only is my brother and his wife expecting their first baby this week, my two Nigerian Dwarf goats are due on Friday. No worries Jordan, Bridgit is much bigger in the baby belly than you. You look great for nine months (plus one week) pregnant. 😉 I can’t wait to meet my first and only nephew! You both are going to do great and come out the other side healthy, happy, and relieved. And my brother swears he is going to actually call me when his son is born… I won’t have to hear big news from our mother on the phone for a change. (Hint, hint, Nathan.)

My goat news isn’t nearly as impressive, and would certainly never overshadow the birth of family, but the goats are also on my baby-watch list. 



 I had thought Luna was huge until Bridgit ballooned up this week. If she has anything less than twins, or dare I say– triplets, I will be extremely surprised. She is huge! The photos just don’t do her gigantic belly justice. Bridgit is literally wider than she is tall. She is making Luna look merely “chubby”.

In non-baby news, we planted some new fruit trees on the property. Trevor’s parents bought us a Fuji Apple tree when they visited a couple weeks ago; thank you again. Last week I was paid for a kids art camp I directed over spring break and decided to buy some gopher wire (super important!) to go with an Anjou pear and Gravestein apple tree. The Gravestein looked a little shabby when I bought it, but it was the only one and I had to plant my dad’s favorite childhood apple on our farm. 

So this week we planted three trees and are on baby-watch for three kids. Who says life doesn’t work in three’s?


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