We are FINALLY getting some eggs! It only took two flocks and seven months…


It never fails to amaze me that when one thing starts going right, it changes paths. Our new flock of six mutt-chickens (one rooster and five hens) started laying eggs a couple days ago. These beautiful, light, green and blue eggs!  Finally we have some real farm eggs in the fridge and don’t have to pay nearly $5 for a dozen, flavorless eggs at the market. Eggs lined up on the refrigerator shelf make me feel as if we are actually producing things on this micro farm again. 

Then yesterday morning as I came around the corner of the house, with food in hand, I spot not one, but TWO roosters standing up on the coop door, crowing their little guts out. Ugh. I have no need for two roosters, so the younger of the two will have to relocate to the stew pot. 

I went to sleep with five hens and woke up to four. Thank you universe. 

12 thoughts on “FINALLY!

  1. Such is life on the farm 🙂 Two years ago I had a bantam hen who appeared to change gender when she was app. 18 mos old-she was a hen for sure and had raised a clutch, which I got along with her, and laid eggs daily. I had no roosters of my own.She stopped laying and the other hens started abusing her, so I separated her. Imagine my surprise as she learned how to crow over the course of a week–and became a “rooster”! As far as I know she never laid eggs again. She was too small to stew, so I gave her to a friend who just wanted a pet.

  2. I get a lot of rooster myself… out of like the 20+ chicks I’ve bought, like 7 have been roos! Yay on the eggs! Don’t you have other hens laying…? Sounds like a no..

  3. Sarah, you do know the chicken auction in Valley Springs is this Sunday rich? Starts at 9am but if you are going to sell anything, and roosters bring a good price!!!!!!

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