The End of Winter in Photos

Life has held me captive for the last month. It hasn’t been easy, but I think we are getting back on track to normalcy. In that spirit, I walked around the farm with my big, happy camera, snapping photos here and there of what March has brought us. Spring will soon be here… phew!

Our garden idea has changed somewhat as well. Since we cannot easily fence in the back acre-ish for animals because of the shallow, solid bedrock, we are going to add a large pen out front where we originally planned to put the garden. There is only one hügelkultur in the front, so I won’t have to cry too much. We will make more hügelkultur mounds in the back as our garden and then start some fruit trees in massive pots (wine barrels?) until we can figure out how well that works out.










8 thoughts on “The End of Winter in Photos

  1. Great pics, a hint of Spring is always refreshing. How are the baby bunnies doing? What is the news of the pregnant goats?

    Fill us in here – Grammy


  2. When looking at your photos, the one of the tree trunk reminded me of a tree following blog I took part in last year…
    I know you’re busy with your farm, kids, and animals, but I thought you might be interested in following a tree. I learned so much about my mystery tree which turned out to be a Tulip tree that I decided to follow another tree this year…another mystery tree. Basically you shoot photos of your tree every month and observe the changes as the season changes.

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