So, this happened…

We actually had some baby rabbits born on the farm a couple weeks ago. Okay. So I should have said something awhile ago about this good news, but honestly, they were dropping like flies and I wasn’t sure how many we would end up with.


Seven were born by Indigo and Hasselhop, all colored. Indigo’s milk did not come in for almost four days, even after attempting to “force nurse” the kits for a couple days and feeding Indigo oats to help promote milk production.

The first day we lost three kits, two runts and one to cold temperatures. Within the first week we lost two more to freezing daytime temperatures. I brought them in every night, but that only helps so much. Now we are down to three kits: two chocolate agouti and one self chocolate.

Ah, such is life. We are lucky to have three bulky babes.

3 thoughts on “So, this happened…

  1. Three is better than none. So it is the start of a better year for you. Homesteading is like that unfortunately… only the strongest survive and thrive.

    I ignored the groundhog this year, bought my chicks and started my seedlings. I figured my sun porch would be warm enough until a week’s worth of 20-30s temps. This last cold snap killed all. Lesson learned. I’ll start again in March. The same thing with breeding my rabbits…maybe in April.

  2. Awwww… so sweet! Glad you had a few survivors at least. We’ve got a doe due day after tomorrow and one next week, hoping for some nice ones if all goes well! Spring is always tricky though with this weird cold weather we keep having…. grrrr

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