The Lovers, The Fighters, And Me

It has been my experience that the boys on the farm are much friendlier than the girls. Which, really, is too bad because female animals tend to contribute more than their male counterparts: milk and dairy, babies, honey, eggs. Sorry guys… it’s true. Maybe it is all this work that the ladies do that makes them so cranky at times.

This guy, is such a lover.

Bolverk (like the name?!) loves for his ears to be scratched and begs for attention. I am quite amazed by how sweet our new Shetland ram can be. The best part about giving a sweetheart ram some love, is how nice all that lanolin feels on your skin even after washing up. I don’t think I have ever gotten so up close to a sheep before so I am truly enjoying this experience.

Funny story: My mother had a ewe sheep when she was growing up named Delilah. From what she tells me, Delilah was evil. She had glowing red eyes and fiery smoke poured from her nostrils as she breathed. My mom used to walk her to the bottom of their property to eat weeds and grasses. On several occasions she dragged my mother down the hill so hard and fast that she had bloody stumps for legs by the time it was all over. I’m sure she said that the sheep laughed afterwards too. True story.

Inga, on the other hand, is nothing like my mother’s childhood sheep, Delilah. Thank goodness! Inga seems even tempered and maybe a little shy. Then again, she hasn’t given birth yet. Perhaps those touchy motherhood instincts will kick in once some lambs are scampering around.

Speaking of which, Freyja is really beating up on the little goats. Our two Nigerian Dwarfs are pregnant and I think Freyja can sense it. I wonder if she is trying to preserve her status as Herd Queen with the impending additions to the goat tribe. Either way, I think I will have to separate Freyja from the others soon to keep her from hurting anyone.

8 thoughts on “The Lovers, The Fighters, And Me

  1. Nothing like kids to teach you stress like you’ve ever known. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal you are. Yes, that lanolin is nice on the skin, but whoa what a pain to get out of the fleece before spinning. Great names for your sheep.

  2. I have a ram just like that. Kahn is such a sweetie. I have a small herd of about 13 Shetlands. I love em way more than I thought possible. I actually have one that tries to get rides in the car. She actually followed the kids on the bus one morning! And how she bugs the UPS man for a ride. Shhhhh, she doesn’t know she’s not a dog!

    They sure make for good entertainment.

  3. Sarah – I love hearing about how everything is going. I stumbled on your blog in researching sustainable living as we made the decision 2 years ago to leave the city and live on solar in a house we are STILL building. I would love to hear more about your Nigerian Dwarfs. I am hopeful I will be getting them this Spring and am looking everywhere for as much information as possible to help prepare. Best! Sharon

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