The Results Are In!

Welcome to the Frühlingskabine, Hasselhop!

Our big, fluffy, sweet chocolate agouti-colored buck (boy) has a name! You all submitted names and voted over the last two weeks.


I have to admit, I was really pulling for Hare-ison Ford. Whoever came up with that one was brilliant. Chewbacca was a good one too. Maybe next time we can do a Star Wars themed name game.

For now, we love this guy named after a certain washed up actor. Wait until he has a “Kit” or two. Har, har.

7 thoughts on “The Results Are In!

  1. I came up with Chewbaca. He struck as the wooly character. It was spurred on by Hare-ison Ford. Welcome Hasselhop. Live long and prosper! Wait that’s Star Trek. May the force be with you. Wait that’s Star Wars. What was the lines from Knight Rider or Baywatch?

  2. Great name, I was partial to Freddy though lol. You should make a rabbitry update video, I’m sure everyone would love to see the rabbits you are going to use to build up your lines again. Best of luck with your rabbits this year !

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