I know, it looks like a cat just scampered across my keyboard. Actually– Friluftsliv is a Norwegian concept that translates as “free air life” and describes a life philosophy that Cami and I are trying out this winter. Friluftsliv has no strict definition, the idea is to simply explore and appreciate nature no matter the season or weather. It can include camping, hiking, meditating outside, taking photographs, dancing, or playing. All you have to do is get outside.

Of course, this is a beautiful day and it isn’t difficult to be drawn outdoors on such a day, but it is winter and it is cold. We are practicing Friluftsliv by sitting in the new winter grass, on the cold and frozen earth. Cami is practicing Friluftsliv by doing yoga with Heidrun. I don’t think Heidrun sees it as yoga, more like eating juicy grass, but Cami likes the thought of goats doing some sort of regimented yoga routine.

I am using my day to take photographs of everyone outside. I like sitting with the goats, scratching their chins, whispering sweet nothings into their ear. Well, I do tell them what pretty goats they are. I’d like to think that if they could talk we would have long conversations in the winter sun about which weeds taste best and what Bridgit and Luna want to name their kids. You may not have noticed, but the two shorties are looking a wee bit plumper than usual. Nothing is guaranteed around here, especially not baby animals, but it’s a nice thought for the end of winter in a few months.

3 thoughts on “Friluftsliv

    • There’s lots of green grass! The ground is so frozen, however, that you can’t dig down even an inch. Plus– there is lots of bedrock just beneath the surface in most of our back two acres, and that is usually super cold.

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