Good Morning Jack Frost

You should be sipping a very large cup of very hot tea while looking at this picture. Every night for the last month we have been getting hard freezes that leaves the farm looking like an ice block. The goat water is frozen an inch thick, the rabbit water bottles are completely frozen, and each blade of grass is heavy with ice. That’s no snow, that is the work of Jack Frost. Most of the farm thaws by midday, but there are a few chilly spots that get little sun and stay frozen all day long. The nice thing is that the remaining cabbage and kale loves the cool temperatures.


3 thoughts on “Good Morning Jack Frost

  1. We’ve been having the same weather and consider it mild. Snowed last night but will rain later today. Kind of a welcome situation considering we had snow on the ground from Dec 1 until May last year.

  2. I expect to see frost on Thursday. It’s going down to 28 degrees Wednesday night. Brrr! Daytime highs has been in the 60s and 70s. Good weather if a cold is trying to catch you. Nobody in their right mind would want to catch a cold.

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