Name That Rabbit! :: eighth edition

Is this the eighth time I’ve had you guys name a rabbit? Or the nineth? I would go back and check in the archives, but that might take the rest of my life on this dial-up internet. But hey, free is free, right?

Let’s do this. This is one of my Chocolate Agouti colored French Angora bucks (male). His first birthday is on New Years Day. He is a lovely, lovely rabbit. Nice weight, beautiful coat, soft and fluffy wool, and a very sweet temperament. He is a keeper/breeding buck now because 1) he has had a chunk missing out of his ear since he was a kit which renders him “un-showable and 2) because he is from Dandelion’s line of great wool producers.

I have been attempting to breed him to Indigo, my Self Lilac doe, so he kind of needs a name before I have to print out pedigrees for his offspring. I am absolutely out of ideas this round and need your help for ideas.

* Look through the list of names that other readers have suggested first.
* Add a name to the poll if you want… You know how I like weird and sci-fi names so go hog wild.
* Then, vote! Vote for yourself, have your spouse vote, your kids, your neighbor, your dentist, everyone should vote! People will think you’re crazy, but it’s okay. The world has enough normalites.
* I’ll give it a week or two before making it all official.
* If you do add a new name, I need to go in and add it to the visible list manually. So if you don’t see it show up, rest assured that your name is in there and I will add it soon. Your vote has been counted.

Vote and Contribute Names Here!

One thought on “Name That Rabbit! :: eighth edition

  1. Your title, Chocagouti, made me think of this: A Chac Mool is a type of Mayan statue, sitting back. It’s also a story by Carlos Fuentes, not quite sci fi but in the Latin American tradition called magical realism. So “Choc Mool”? It’s a stretch but you said you liked weird; that seems like it qualifies. The color seems about right, too; check out those statues. (I think the Mickey Mouse version is particularly appropriate)

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