Just two more months before I can justify filling up my windows with seed starts. Some things may be started earlier, but I have to check on that. I might even have to adjust my last frost date now that we live in a slightly lower elevation… then again, less of a tree windbreak might put us at just about the same frost date anyhow.

Frühling (spring) brings seedlings and seedlings bring excitement for growth. I am most excited for the pumpkin patch I am going to put in where the turkeys are now (they will be in my belly and their plot will be rich with manure) and possibly some pickling cucumbers and apple trees. I’m pretty sure I could live off of those three things: pumpkins, pickles, and apples.

Today I took an inventory of what seeds I already have. I have come to the conclusion that I need very few seeds to have a well balanced garden in the spring. There is good variety with each type of seed in my pile. I have the most of peas, beans, pumpkins, and surprisingly– I have a ton of onions. Yum! I definitely need some more carrots though. To begin amending the soil, I will have to add a sprinkling of dandelions, comfrey, chicory, borage (bees go bananas for it), and sage. I also have rosemary, marigolds, and sunflowers on my wish list just because they are great for the bees and kitchen.

In the Frühlingskabine Seed Inventory:
Peas: Little Marvel, Sugar Daddy (1/4 lb.)
Beans: Roma II bush, Contender bush, Chinese Red Noodle (1/2 lb.)
Onions: Flat of Italy, Green Bunching, Australian Brown, Donata di Parma (3,100)
Melons: American Green, Golden Honeymoon (25)
Squash: Butternut Waltham, Frühlingskabine Pie Pumpkin, Black Beauty Zucchini (165)
Lettuce: Red Romaine, Black Seeded Simpson (1/2 oz.)
Greens: Rainbow Swiss Chard, Flamingo Swiss Chard, Dinosaur Kale, Bloomsdale Spinach (425)
Leek: Giant Musselburgh (100)
Rhubarb: Glaskins Perpetual (2)
Turnip: Purple Top White Globe (500)
Radish: French Breakfast (800)
Beets: Detroit Dark Red, Chioggia striped (30)
Eggplant: Beatrice, Bianca Rosa (60)
Herbs: Cilantro, Yarrow, Italian Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, Fennel, Stevia, Oregano (1,600)
Tomatoes: Beefsteak, Black Cherry (40)
Cucumbers: Parisian, Marketmore, Boston Picking, Homemade Pickles (125)
Artichoke: Purple of Romagna (25)
Brussels Sprouts: Long Island (350)
Broccoli: Di Cicco (1,000)
Celery: Dave’s Frühlingskabine (2,000+)
Carrots: Scarlet Nantes (200)
Cabbage: Mammoth Red (1,050)
Peppers: Cal Wonder, Bell Pepper (75)
Plum: From the Organic Market- red flesh (25)

If anyone wants to trade some of my extra seeds (Frühlingskabine Pie Pumpkin, Dave’s Frühlingskabine Celery, Di Cicco Broccoli, Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts) for anything on my wishlist (comfrey, chicory, borage, sage, rhubarb, interesting things), send me an email!

6 thoughts on “Frühling

  1. You have quite an interesting list of seeds! I’m trying the Bianca Rosa Eggplant for the first time this year (it’s actually our first time even growing eggplant) and I’m pretty excited about it. Next year, I’m planning on growing Brussels sprouts. We try to grow at least a handful of unique things every year (this year was sugar cane and okra).

    • I grew some Bianca Rosa eggplant last year and loved them! They had nice tender skin that cooked up better than the darker varieties. I haven’t had the best of luck with broccoli or Brussels sprouts though, so I don’t have an opinion on the tastes of those.

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