We Want Your Dead Trees

In a few days I will be putting a sign out at the street that reads: We want your “used” Christmas trees!

Trevor was heavily against this idea at first, sighting his own theory that millions of people out here in Mountain Ranch (which, by the way, is in the middle of nowhere) will dump their tinsel-filled, crappy trees at our doorstep. I assured him that free dead trees would really help us build more hügelkultur beds, again… for free. Which, as a poor ass farm, is very important.

My ingenious plan is to put a sign out at the street (and a flyer on the bulletin board at the market, secretly) with an arrow pointing the way to a local spot to dump used up Christmas trees. The time is just right with this being the last week of purpose for holiday evergreenery and people are often loathing the very idea of driving to the dump or having that old tree turning brown out back. I am merely offering a handy, local dirt spot for such trees to retire. I’ll just take these burdensome holiday reminders and put them to good use. *insert maniacal laughter*

Once I have some trees, I will cover them up with dirt and used goat straw (read: poopy straw) and hügels will be born! Trevor brought up the good question of where the dirt to cover these trees would come from. My answer, “the ground.” We already dug an indent of a hole to cover our first hügelkultur. We can dig that same hole deeper and wider to make a mini pond eventually. It is already located in a nice shady spot and on a natural swale that holds water. Bingo! I am keeping optimistic of this idea by using plenty of exclamation points!

Trevor thinks we may get 4 or 5 tree carcasses. I hope for dozens. I need to get this farm in some sort of working order. Get the gears turning. Well, first I have to put the gears in place. Then turn them, then I will have some semblance of a garden to work with. Even if we can’t get the new hügels fenced in, if they are built, they can start storing water or even growing smelly herbs the deer maybe won’t touch. Much.


12 thoughts on “We Want Your Dead Trees

  1. They are also great for giving the goats before hugeling them as they are a natural wormer- I have a couple friends who save their trees for me for just that purpose and then we make them into firewood since our hugel is already going…

  2. Repurposing is the way to go. Cheap too. I agree with Susan. Let the goats have a go at them first, but remove the excess tinsel or you’ll have glittery, plastic poop in your yard and Hugels. I disagree with Susan about firewood unless you are burning it outside. Evergreens are high in creosote. This will coat your fireplace or wood stove pipes and is very flammable. It will take a lot of brushing to get it out later, it’s sticky.

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