The Stylish Goat

Everyone has their winter coats… except for Freyja. Heidrun is practically shaggy, Bridgit and Luna have a thick coat coat all over their bodies, but Freyja’s wintery fluff hasn’t quite come in yet. She is also a little skinnier than I’d like. To help her stay warm in the meantime, I pulled out a few of these “upcycled” sweatshirts that my Grandma gave me. I thought it would be more festive for her to wear an “ugly Christmas sweater”, but we work with what we have.

The mustard-colored sweatshirt was out –just not Freyja’s color, hunter green clashed with her eyes, and the plum-colored sweatshirt could have worked, but Freyja wanted something a little more neutral. Grey it is! Now she can accessorize with less effort. That’s always important to us ladies.



After watching her outside for a bit, I turned to Trevor, “She looks like she is ashamed of her new sweater.”
Trevor replied, “Can goats feel ashamed?”
“I don’t know. Look at her.”
Long pause…
“Okay, you’re right, she’s ashamed.”
“But warm!” I added.
“Yeah… She looks ridiculous and warm.”

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