New Turkey Home

The new home for our biggest tom is… in our refrigerator.



I don’t know how much he weighs because my digital scale only goes to 15 pounds and apparently Tom weighs more than that. When I put him on the sale after being dressed, it could only tell me “Err”. I think it meant error, but a disgruntled err works too. I’d be a bit mad if I had a hulk of a turkey sitting on me.


So after his ice bath, he ended up in a sea salt brine in the fridge. The thing was, he didn’t fit in those special turkey bags they have at the butcher counter in the market. So we used a food-grade bucket we got from the bakery. He is currently labeled as “35 pounds of Bavarian Cream”.

Thursday morning he should hop right into my oven, cover himself with foil (because he is skinless), and then he will baste himself every 30 minutes. That is, if he fits in the oven. There is some dispute on that one. Trevor thinks he will fit fine. I think there will be an inch or less of space before he hits the top heating element.

Only Turkey Day will reveal the correct party. What are you other Americans doing for Thanksgiving?

8 thoughts on “New Turkey Home

  1. That is some gorgeous looking meat! Do you skin your turkeys so you don’t have to fool with plucking? I Can’t say I blame you, but I SURE love me some crispy skin! Looks like your family will be eating very well for Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

    • Yep! That is exactly why. I can’t digest poultry skin well and the rest of my family seems to avoid it for whatever reason, so why go through all the pain and tears of plucking? Especially since I don’t have one of those nifty barrel electric pluckers. Or a pot big enough to dunk a turkey in hot water. 🙂

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!

  2. We are having the typical Thanksgiving with more people than my house can comfortably hold and more food than any of those people can comfortably hold. Our food ranges from turkey and ham with all the sides down to a platters of olives, pickled vegetables & amish cheese. Oh and deserts of all shapes and sizes. Everyone brings something yummy. The best part is simply spending time with friends and family.

    Sarah, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving! You have inspired me to try my hand at so many things… Perhaps we will have our own Tom to dress next year!?

    • Turkey, ham, cheese, and pie? Sounds perfect to me… and I am drooling a little over the idea of pie. You just can’t go wrong with pie. Enjoy your family and friends! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. I managed to weigh my turkey today. We didn’t have access to a scale on butcher day. 18.2 pounds. And Royal Palm toms are only supposed to dress out at 16 pounds max. I can’t wait to taste it tomorrow.

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