Thirty-four Degrees

Good morning from the cold and frosty mountain side of California. Like everyone else, we are gearing up for the beloved American holiday, Thanksgiving. We have three turkeys left out in the pen and that big white tom is going to be one hell of a meal. My mother was asking me the other day if I thought Tom would feed ten of us. I responded that he was going to easily be fifteen pounds… dressed. Although, now I think he will be closer to eighteen or twenty pounds. Tom is our biggest turkey, but really– the Bronze tom and hen are not too far behind.

For the last couple months they have been thriving on grain, kitchen scraps, and whatever green weeds I find around the yard that I am willing to sacrifice.


Luckily we have been getting a fair amount of rain storms in our area. The drought this year has been severe, to say it mildly, but a little rain here and here makes for some good days. We won’t get back to normal for quite some time and that is evident by just looking at New Melones lake (you can see the town at the bottom that they flooded to make the lake). All we can do in the meantime is be thankful for the rain we have gotten.

And that is what the Thanksgiving season is all about, right? Of course we should be thankful year-round, but we all can’t be quite that disiplined. You hear that all the time it seems: we should be thankful all year and not just during the holiday season. However, I think that is the true beauty of the holiday season. It rips us all away from our inner thoughts and troubles and fills people with thoughts of family, giving, and love. We should be mindful of this throughout the year, but it is difficult and most of us need this seasonal reminder.

I am glad for it either way. I don’t know about you, but I like the kick in the butt.

8 thoughts on “Thirty-four Degrees

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Sarah. I’ve been following your farming journey for a while now on YouTube. Started watching to find out more about using rabbits for their wool. Right now i just have a little house pet, Jack…. A lionhead, but as a spinner, I dream of angoras! 🐰🐰🐰🐰
    Keep those bunny videos coming 😃

    • Thanks for watching and reading Karen! I put up new videos whenever I have the internet to support it… or the $5 of chump change to sit at Starbucks for an hour or two. 😉 Hope you get that angora (or angoras) soon!

  2. We had 34 degrees here the other day but celcius instead. Today though we saw lots of the wet stuff too. With another round of El Nino on the horizon I am bracing for another extreme drought here in Australia and I can’t wait to get out water tanks into place.

  3. We’ve had some temps in the 20s here already in coastal GA. Not used to it this early. Every morning I’m thankful and go though my list of blessings to start my day. It fortifies me for what comes up during the day.

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