Good, Bad, and Irritating

Good news! Philly had her babies! She kindled four very plump healthy looking kits Saturday night.

Do you feel the “but” coming? But, she gave birth to them on the wire floor instead of in the beautiful and warm nest she built and so they died of exposure. That’s a big but. I often have people insist that solid floor hutches are the better way to go. In this case, it would not have saved the kits to have a solid floor either. Baby rabbits are born hairless and so the only things that keep them from freezing to death (even in the middle of summer) are: a nest filled with warm fur, warm milk, and body heat from one another in the nest. Without any ONE of these things, the kits usually die.

So there it is. I am starting breeding all over again. I will give Philly 48 hours after birth before breeding her. This time, Philly will be bred to our no-name Chestnut and Indigo will hopefully comply with being bred to Ibn. Toblerone will sit this one out. I already know he is a good breeder, but I have paired him with Philly many times and I do not want to pair him with Indigo. Toblerone is a self chocolate, recessive, and Indigo is a self lilac, double recessive. I have observed with my own rabbits and rabbits from other Rabbitries, that too many recessive color genes result in weaker rabbits. It is just an observation of course, and so has no real scientific fact to back it up, but my eyes are what I have to work with.

The wait begins again. At least I know my rabbits are willing to breed again after that horribly long and hot summer. Cross your fingers and hold your breath for litters born this time next month.

10 thoughts on “Good, Bad, and Irritating

  1. I’m so sorry to hear your news! I too have lost a litter on the wire but was blessed with two healthy litters at the end of September. It can be such a heartbreaking thing, to lose such beauties, for sure! Now, to find new homes for these FA kits before the big snows come…since we are in Mount Shasta. Cheers to your next litter which will be alive and healthy!

  2. We’re all so sad for you.

    I wrote on the girls’ blog last week about Snowball and her kits that were born last week. Snowball had one outside the nest box. She cleaned it up really nicely, but it was outside the nest box. Problematic. It appears Snowball recognized that as a problem, too. It’s my best guess. See, the two back legs were bitten off. My guess is that she tried picking him up to move him, and it just didn’t work. So she tried again. So far she has seven surviving kits out of the eleven born.

    At least you know she’s in working order again.

    A month sure is a long time to wait, though.

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