It’s Quiet Today

Quiet days creep me out. Plain and simple. When it is too quiet, I feel like something is going to happen and I probably won’t like it. A coyote will come off the hill and scare the goats, or a bobcat will mill around the wooded vacant lot looking for a chicken or turkey to eat, or a fire will break out down the road. Although, everything is “down the road” now. Still, silence feels eerie and foreboding.

This morning there were very few sounds around the neighborhood. Usually when I come out the front door to do my animal feeding chores I startle little robins and finches and quail. But today there didn’t seem to be much of anyone around as I walked the goats out to their teathers in the yard.

When I opened up the rabbit shed for some fresh air, I checked in on Philly’s nestbox. I kind of gave up on updating my breeding schedules online because of our flat-out lack of rabbit litters born since we moved here. But this morning I have a little hope.



That, my fine friends of the world wide web, is fur. Rabbit fur to be precise. And like I say, rabbit fur in the nestbox = baby rabbits very, very soon. Rabbits like to play tricks on breeders by carrying hay around in their mouths or by making mock nests, but there is no pretending to pull fur.

Just that little bit of fur in a box has perked me up so much today. I started off the morning by debating the merits of Girl Scouts and selling cookies that have GMO ingredients in them with an aquaintence on Facebook… and let me tell you, there is no surer way to feel like bashing your head in against a wall than that. But now my day feels a little brighter thinking that we might have the first rabbits to ever be born on our new, beginning and budding farm soon.

This is a repeat breeding pair (Philly and Toblerone) because they are both proven successful breeders and my unproven pair has yet to have a successful “date”. Still, keep your fingers crossed! We need some babies around here!

7 thoughts on “It’s Quiet Today

  1. Congratulations on the soon to be new litter! You know I like the lack of noise sometimes. The quiet is calming to me although it never lasts long. Our little homestead Rusty Plow Homestead seems to always have something noisy running around.

  2. Yep, hair pulling is a good sign. The weather has been cooler so they just might pick up in breeding again. Had a number of false starts myself this year during the summer attempts. Maybe they know it’s air conditioning that is keeping them cooler instead of the actual temperature. I dunno. To quote a margarine commercial, “You don’t medd with Mother Nature.”

  3. Well, actually (trying to use my best Cliff Clavin voice here), the whole wool-pulling thing isn’t a perfect sign. Good sign, but not fool-proof. We had three does bred. One doe pulled wool a few days before kits were due, and then nothing. The other two didn’t pull wool. Unfortunately for you, Sarah, is the doe that pulled wool was Snowball, Philly’s offspring, so that may have a little more bearing on the situation than any old other rabbit out there.

    I REALLY hope Philly comes through this time. I just don’t want you to get your hopes too high, thinking the wool-pulling is fool-proof.

    The good news for us is that this time Snowball and Tootsie did produce litters. That third one is a bit lazy, methinks.

    • Oh, it is definitely not “fool proof”. Only a fool would say that when it comes to animals. But it is a very good sign. Philly is always punctual and definite in her wool pulling: she seems to consistently pull 48 hours before kindling.

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