Hello Again

So it turns out I needed a little blog break. I would have normally just scheduled some posts or found a guest blogger, but that was the exact work I felt I needed a break from. The last few weeks allowed me a much needed rest from blogging several times a week (sometimes I even posted six times a week!) and some time with family and friends.

So, yes, I am alive, I am fine, and I am appreciative of all your concerned emails and messages.

I escaped the farm for a whole day to visit a friend from school and had a great time snickering and plotting and generally catching up on the Bay Area I left behind. I have also been doing a lot of painting to get ready for my solo art show in Mountain Ranch in January.


My fiddle playing has improved. I took gold, silver, and black sharpie marker to my fiddle and made it look somewhat like a cute, decorated Norwegian piece. I am convinced the new floral pattern is what makes me play better. I have “mastered” Ida Red, Gospel Plow, and Shortnin’ Bread. Home On The Range and House Of The Rising Sun are less squeaky, but not quite there yet. My own rule when learning to play the guitar was that if you can play House Of The Rising Sun on an instrument, you ain’t half-bad.


Since gobbling up our last turkey –pun intended, we have been licking our chops every time we pass by the remaining three in the pen. I can’t guarantee that all three will make it Thanksgiving, but I do have to make sure the biggest tom is saved for the holiday table. It is pretty hard to resist the idea of homemade turkey and gravy. Gravy especially.


I also had a rabbit come back to me from one of Khaleesi and Toblerone’s litters. His owner felt like she couldn’t keep up with the grooming and decided to bring him back. I really do appreciate responsible owners like this; you have to give credit to people who recognize their own limits and give primary concern to the animal’s future well-being and happiness. In any case, you all can help me rename home tomorrow. He is a nice big guy with nice body type and a promising coat… I think I’ll keep him for breeding since I am down to one herd buck. He has had a chunk missing out of his ear since he was a kit (over zealous cleaning by mom I think) and so he isn’t of show quality. Super sweet fluff ball though!

Our property no longer resembles Mars or a lunar surface. We have had a couple decent rain storms this month do some greenery is reappearing. It isn’t much just yet, but I think we may have something close to a lawn by next month. The green color popping up has been making me feel more motivated to get things done outside. The goats appreciate the weeds that have come up as well.

I finally found someone who has Nigerian Dwarf bucks to breed my two ladies to. It will be about a 30 or 45-minute trip, but well worth it. The owner of the bucks just wants to take the focus off of her one and only doe who does not want to breed. So it works out well for both of us. I am hoping to get that all arranged for sometime in the first week of November.

Phew! Now you’re all caught up. I think my next blog-break will be due after another four years of writing. 😉

9 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. I was just wondering about the rabbit that was returned to your care. We are considering another rabbit to be a companion to Basil. Our sweet Buffy died a couple of weeks ago (unknown circumstances… no warning that we could see…found her body in the cage at feeding time one morning) and Basil is doing well, but I think rabbits tend to be happier when they aren’t solo animals. Just a thought… since you said this rabbit is not suitable for show and I don’t have the capacity to breed rabbits, maybe you would want to breed him a time or two and then let us take him as a companion rabbit/wooler…?

  2. OMG! your alive! Thank goodness you blogged! I was getting worried and needed my fix of fmicrofarm rants and raves! those paintings are looking awesome! glad your doing well!

  3. Glad to have you back. 🙂 We all need a break now and then. Just know that you are such an inspiration to us all!

    Love, love, love your paintings! Too cool.

  4. I’m so happy you are okay. I figured you needed a break. Next time give us a little warning. We won’t worry so bad. Just a suggestion here, but pick two or three days a week to blog. Although if you really want to post more do so. We all love hearing about your brood, human and animals. That way you don’t get blogger’s burnout. I’ve run two blogs this way for five years.

    Glad you found some down time though. Homesteading is a nonstop operation.

  5. I’m glad your doing better and back on track. From time to time we all need to take a breath and just refresh our inner soul . This world has a way of sometime taking more then we can handle. It’s for sure not like it use to be.

  6. Welcome back! My hubby and I have missed you and hearing about the farm. Btw your paintings are impressive. You’re talent never ceases to amaze me. 🙂

  7. Sarah,

    Glad you had a break, you were sounding a bit downhearted and maybe even discouraged. Sorry I missed seeing you yesterday while you were doing the Halloween thing but I did have a beautiful trip to Yosemite. Give me a call when you can, will be in Sonora all week. Understand Camilia is mute and deaf at times, what will that child think up next. So impressionable for all the unexpected things. Love – Grammy


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