Random Thoughts On A Random September Day

This week I celebrated my 28th birthday. I am still (just barely) on the sunny side of thirty. I’d like to say that I have matured some over the years, but I think I may have maturity confused with cynicism and a slowly darkening sense of humor. In my ripe, old age I have come to a few conclusions:

– If you can wake up in the morning and no one is dead, you’re doin’ pretty well.

– Don’t farm in flip flops. Just don’t. You end up with smashed or a severe lack of toe nails which in turn, makes it much harder to wear cute nail polish, and thus, flip flops. Also, do not apply nail polish to your creepy toe to cover up the fact that you lost a toe nail… it hurts.

– When crap doesn’t go your way it is perfectly acceptable to sulk behind a good book and something chocolatey.

– When crap does go your way, it is perfectly normal to do an exaggerated Super Woman stance and/or give yourself a hearty high-five.

– Ain’t nobody knows nothin’. There is no such thing as an expert, there are no gurus, and no one really knows what’s going on. We all just have to figure out this crazy existance on our own no matter how much help or advice is offered.

– When in doubt, use your hillbilly voice.

– If still feeling doubtful, buy another goat.

– Animals such as rabbits, goats, and pigs, can be both adorable and delicious.

– Nothing replaces homegrown food, laughter with good people, or family.

17 thoughts on “Random Thoughts On A Random September Day

  1. Thank you, I really enjoyed this post. Is nice to be reminded that if everything isn’t perfect it’s Ok. I’m 28 as well and just starting my homesteading journey. These little thoughts helped give me the boost today I was looking for.

  2. I had a rough evening..thank’s for cheering me up!!

    I’ve been flip flopping about since April or so..all 10 toenails intact 😛

    Belgian greetings,

  3. Well Hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!!!! And we are truly blessed to wake up and work on our simply life that we all hope to do our best at!!!!! Life is good here and blessed to have family and friends to share with!!!!!! ” Happy Birthday” Sarah

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