6 thoughts on “Gobble, Gobble!

    • We plan to! I think we will butcher the Thanksgiving turkey (the white one) two or three days before Thanksgiving. That way it has time for the meat to “rest” for 24 hours and then also time to brine before baking. Yummmmm.

      • Thats nice. You only use the white one? Do you seperats the “lucky” one a few days before so you can give him some extra/more/special food?
        Did you killed a turkey before m i mean that are very strong animals.

    • They are doing great. They don’t seem to be afraid of anything: us, being captured, noisy kids, the bobcat strolling by, nothing. They are quite tame except for when it comes to being fed in the mornings. Then they are giant, crazy turkeys.

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