Rabbit News

When someone asks you if you want the good news or the bad news first, which do you pick? I always pick the bad news first. That way I can be upset and then quickly snap out of it when I get the good news. As if good news makes the bad news less painful.

Bad news:
Neither Philly or Indigo were bred successfully last month. Which means that I still have no new litters. I am spending this whole week giving the rabbits lectures on the benefits of breeding for new rabbit litters. The primary benefit being that they can live long happy lives and not end up in a pot pie. They should really heed my warnings. Especially Philly, this is her fourth failure.

Good news:
Cristina from Friends and Relations Rabbitry and I worked out a deal which resulted in me bringing home this beauty.


I named her Riversong partly for her sire, River, and partly because I am a Doctor Who fan. I mean, how kick arse is Riversong? I am envious of that woman’s thick curly hair, but then again, I have very fine, very bone-straight hair… so there is some foundation for my jealousy. On a side note, I tried explaining the fear factor of the Weeping Angels to my mother and she just didn’t get it. Finally I told her that unless she watched Doctor Who she would never understand.

Riversong is the offspring of two Frühlingskabine rabbits, Frühlingskabine’s River and Frühlingskabine’s Willow, who Cristina purchased from me last year. Cristina did a beautiful job breeding for and raising this doe and her littermates. And now I have a new breeding doe for my program. Riversong will not be ready to breed until November-ish.

Riversong has both Bunaby Jones and Seven of Nine in her direct pedigree. Both rabbits were my very best in color and wool density so I hope to recover some of my Frühlingskabine line through her. If I breed her to Toblerone, there should be enough genetic diversity to keep positive traits going. So we’ll see this winter what she turns out.

6 thoughts on “Rabbit News

  1. Ugh, I’m having the same troubleshooting problems with my does! I wish there was a fool proof way to get them bred every single time… Mine pee right after they are bred and I’m thinking that’s my problem.

    • HAHAHAHAhHahaahhaahahaa! I’m with you. Although we were talking about making a small round pond and making the outside ring look like a Stargate. We are going to have a strange geek farm here. Next we are buying blue paint to give a much needed new coat to the Tradis… I mean the well pump house.

      Sarah Cuthill

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