Finally Feeling Productive

We have been inside a lot lately, especially during the afternoons, because of the heat. There is a serious lack of trees in most of the yard and it doesn’t really cool down until the sun disappears behind the trees on the far hill. It makes me feel like a vampire who’s fair skin will burst into flame with just the touch of sunlight. At the very least, I quickly burn into a very realistic lobster color.

Alas, with outdoor time being limited to morning and evening hours, I have been working on indoor projects. I should be painting the cut-in in the kitchen or even painting the woodstove barrier, but I have been working on stuff to fill my Etsy shop, Little Farm Shop. I have been wracking my brain on new designs for art prints and digital art for download. Using the free wifi in town, I will be updating the shop over the next few weeks. For now I am happy to offer the Nordic animal prints I showed you a month or so ago and some card sets.


I have also been working on making “hillbilly wine” from the 5-gallons of grapes I picked at my parent’s house. It takes a very long time to juice that many grapes with no juicer. I was halfway intelligent with the project and mashed them in my blender before straining the juice through some fine butter muslin. They were green grapes, which as it turns out, does not make green or clear juice. It is borderline brown. But if I put it in dark bottles, no one will know, right?!

Cami and I have been doing a mass amount of baking to keep busy. I know, the oven heats up the house, but now that we are living in more than 800 sq.ft. and have a super efficient swamp cooler, we don’t notice the temperature rise at all. We have been baking mostly breads and gingerbread cookies. Tonight will be the test of using homemade chèvre cheese for cheesecake. I am combining a couple recipes so I’m not sure how it will turn out. The gingerbread crust is a no brainer though. I had to actually set aside some cookies before we ate them all.


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