Update. Hügelkultur-Style

The pumpkins look a little sad in the second photo, but it was about 105*F when I took it and one of our days to water. So excuse their lack of pep. Our plan to water every 4-days continues to work out well. The veggies do not grow as quickly, but they are flowering, fruiting, and producing while conserving water. A few sad pumpkin leaves is better than none at all.

This week I have seen (and tasted) some green beans, pumpkin flowers, baby cucumbers, the beginnings of cabbage heads, sad lettuce (not really the right temp for greens), and a few pepper and basil plants lurking about.

Not bad for watering only twice a week!



4 thoughts on “Update. Hügelkultur-Style

  1. Oh my, I guess us New Englanders have no appreciation for the lack of water in CA. We’ve had so much rain that the gardens are growing overtime.

  2. It’s the best aye! It might be scorching hot but still the gardens live on! I watered my hugels once during a week of 45C/113F! I barely ept my raised beds out the bac alive, even those in the shade yet the hugels in full sun with 1/4 the water thrived! 🙂

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