Where is my rain?

Seriously. It is hot. It is dry. I haven’t seen more than ten tiny drops of water fall from the sky in over three months. That’s a lot of months with no rain. Usually this area sees a few summer storms by now. It seems like any big storm clouds that do form up on the mountain just pass us by. I don’t know who is enjoying our rain, but I would appreciate if you sent me a jar of it. Oh, and all that greenery in the back forty two is really just brush and rocks. Any and all grass around here is dry and brittle gold.

Do a rain dance for California.


5 thoughts on “Where is my rain?

  1. I think it’s us that stole all your showers. We, on the east coast, have had twice daily thunderstorms. El Nino at its best. I have been waiting for two days without rain to paint my handicapped ramp in front. It’s only been four months worth of waiting now.

  2. It IS El Nino for sure. I’m oretty certain, despite all the puddles hereabouts that we are already seeing a lower rainfall. El Nino for us Aussies means another drought and we have not yet recovered from the last massive one. 😦 Sending you some rain, but also some to us. Bring on waterwise gardening and hugelkultur beds I say. 🙂

  3. I know how much you love politics bahahaah but… ask your hubby… our rain isn’t here b/ they geoengineered it away .. and how will they bring water to our state during this drought they caused? All of this stuff has to do with politics and the only way it’s going to get better is if we make it that way.

  4. Well here in Inverness, Fl. we are having rain. This is the second day of rain .So, if I can I’ll send some your way! Have a great day!!!

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