Un-assembled Greenhouse

By un-assembled I mean, of course, that it is too bloody hot to put together something as reflective as a greenhouse. But the main components are here now. A dear family friend gave us all of the windows and doors we could transport after remodeling her house and my mother was kind enough to drive to San Diego in her truck to bring them home for me.

From what my mother tells me, most of these are 1920’s glass doors. She also has a tendency to ahem!… exaggerate, so I couldn’t really say for sure. I believe that she believes that they are from the 1920’s.


In any case, these sweet gems will magically transform into a Pinterest-worthy greenhouse. A few days ago I braved the triple digit temperature to measure each window and door. I used graph paper to measure and represent each window and door so that I could get a rough draft of how the walls would fit together. One of the doors has a really cool metal handle and latch so I hope to use that one for the front door of the greenhouse.

Otherwise, I will use 2×4″ studs to create a frame to mount the doors and windows on. In an effort to preserve the doors, I want to use the metal hinges still on each door to mount them to the studs. It would also be extra handy because I have the full screens for a few of the doors. Ventilation is always a must in a greenhouse. The roof will then be made of frosted/light colored, corrugated PVC decking material; just like the old rabbit shed used to have. I will also have to come up with some sort of front wall since I only had enough windows and doors to make up full sides and a rear. The front will, however, have a glass door and two medium-sized windows. The finished greenhouse should measure about 6.5 x 9 feet.





Gala, you are the awesomest! I forever appreciate your support and love. And windows. 🙂 When it’s all finished I will send you a photo and some more honey.

Mom, there are too many projects that I have you to thank for some reason or another. I know you were planning to visit anyway, but I love you for packing your truck to the brim with windows –during the summer– for me.

6 thoughts on “Un-assembled Greenhouse

  1. How Exciting! I can’t wait to see it and add it to my Pinterest wall. I have been slowly collecting old windows (no doors yet) for my future Up-cycled greenhouse. It may be a few years before I get enough, but that does stop me from dreaming. Keep us posted when the work begins!

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