4 thoughts on “Gopher Life :: web comic #06

  1. I would love to know how so much talent ended up in one amazing woman! That must be some gene pool you’ve got there!

    And by the way… gophers may be known for this digging skill but that’s only because nobody thinks to attribute it to rabbits… and they Should! Buffy would give any gopher a run for its money. I am getting really good at back-filling tunnels I will never reach the end of, hoping she comes back for supper, and watching before I step because I have ended up in tunnels twice now… and she looks all innocent :-).

    • I come from a long, long line of artists. 😉 It helps. Plus, I have always loved illustration above all other art. I regret taking computer animation college classes instead of furthering my illustration skills.

      Unfortunately, I really was standing at a hole in the dirt right as a gopher popped up. I had neon green flip flops instead of magenta, but whatever. I have no doubt that rabbits are just as destructive if not more so. We have so many gopher holes here, you literally cannot step more than 5 feet without falling into one. Not even joking. That’s why my YouTube videos are so choppy… I’m trying my best not to fall and break my ankle or end up in China!

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