Black Is A Good Color

When I was a teenager, I wore a lot of black. Mostly because all my favorite bands at the time –Kittie, Coal Chamber, Misfits, Stone Temple Pilots, Green Day, David Bowie (always awesome)– had t-shirts that only came in a unisex size and only in black. I also wore really cool plaid pants, but that is all besides the point.

I have been keeping a tally of farm expenditures and sales and so far this year… we are in the black! Not by a whole lot, but it still counts. We were able to recycle most of our rabbit shed to make the goat shack, keeping costs down. Then we had to buy an all-electric-powered (as opposed to our original solar-powered) electric fence for the goats, leveling things out a bit.

Our two turkey losses will hurt our end numbers by $100-150 and our one rabbit loss will hurt our breeding program for several breeding generations which can be years. All in all, we aren’t doing too badly considering our big move, building a whole new garden, the severe drought, and weeks of triple digit temperatures. It can only get easier, right?

Later this year I can factor in honey sales and next year I will be able to factor in produce from the garden. Starting over can test your patience.

Half-Year Assessment :: Jan.-July 2014

Goats: total – $299
– $445: $50 second fence, $250 four goats, $10 castration, $45 lumber for shack, $10 per bag of feed.
+ $146: $140 two bucklings, $6 milk

Rabbits: total + $760
– $170: $130 A/C unit, $5 per bag of feed.
+ $930: $810 rabbit kits, $60 wool, $60 Easter photo session.

Chickens: total + $7
– $17: $17 per bag of feed (mostly free range).
+ $24: $24 eggs.

Turkeys: total – $180
– $180: $60 six poults, $60 hoop pen, $20 per bag of feed.
+ $____: not yet harvested.

Bees: total + $28
– $0: no new equipment costs.
+ $28: $28 2013 honey, 2014 honey not yet harvested.

Losses: 2 turkeys, 1 breeding rabbit.

– $812
+ $1128

+ $316.00

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