Hey Heidrun!

Last week we finally traded one of Freyja’s bucklings for a doeling from the same farm, but different mother. Say hello to Heidrun!


Isn’t she beautiful? Heidrun and Freyja had a little difference of opinion on who was top dog when she first arrived. After some goatie conflict-resolution (read: head butting for three solid days) they are much better friends.



We also sold off the remaining two bucklings to be used as meat. I would have butchered them myself for meat, but frankly– I just didn’t feel like butchering an animal in the middle of the summer that I have no experience with. Funds from their sale will feed the whole farm for a couple months, and for that, I am more than happy. I bet those chubby goats tasted great.

3 thoughts on “Hey Heidrun!

  1. I have started raising fodder for my rabbits. 52 does. I have set up an 8 day tray system. It was going well. Untill day 7. The roots have not “carpeted white” and are very slimy. I feed blue seal at 13 bags every 20 days cost me $578. I can not afford this. I was very excited to find you. I dont know if i put to much seed in or what. Advise would be nice. I am not giving up. My # is 352. 463.1782. I can send up photos of my trial set up. Its in the house i keep it at 72. I have a fan curculating. Maybe i dont have enough holes. The drainage drains.
    Slimy and very smelly. Sour i know there will be and oder…. but i dont believe it should be slimmy.
    Plz help

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