Ideas Brewing

I need to fine tune these ideas, but for now I have jotted them down. I would at least like to get the mushroom garden up and running by the end of summer with or without the rest of the Aquaponic system attached. My current lack of mushrooms (I sold all my fruiting shiitake logs just before moving) has made me crave them more.

Oh, and kudos to you if you can read my scary handwriting.

fodder/aquaponics/mushroom/tomato/strawberry system

A “topical” fencing idea to avoid the bedrock the whole field sits on. Several miles down the road I saw someone use a similar method to fence in a pasture… they must have suffered from shallow bedrock as well.

6 thoughts on “Ideas Brewing

  1. Great ide with the rocked piled in ther ea on the fencing,m I might hijack it as we ‘grow’ rocks here too…I can see making each pillar of a wrapped chicken wire type thing with the rocks piled in there to stabilize it.

    • Yep! Mushrooms don’t need complete darkness, although, I know that is how most “mushroom farmers” do it. Most mushrooms are perfectly happy being grown in a shady spot outdoors. My shiitake logs got dappled sunlight here and there during the summer and they still fruited just fine.

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