5-Year Garden Plan

We think we can get this all built and fenced in within five years. Hügelkultur beds are time consuming to create, but they are well worth the effort considering how much water is saved. We will try to get the “daisy” shape made this year, the left side of rectangles in 2015, the center circle in 2016, and the right side rectangles in 2017, all the while building up the orchard along the road. That plan should give us a whole extra year to bleed over into.


18 thoughts on “5-Year Garden Plan

  1. I like the hugelgarden. Building one myself but not as fancy as yours.
    I dig down about a foot, pile logs about hip high, and cover with dirt. The beds
    are about 6′ wide and 24′ long.
    I would include some pics but haven’t figured how to get them here.
    What is the size of your triangle?


    • Hahaha! I’m not sure MY hugels are as fancy as you might think. It’s all in the camera angle.

      I used this iPad app called “Measure Your Land” and it uses Google maps to figure out the size of everything. I can’t remember the distance of each side, but in total the triangle area is 1/3 acre. Very poorly guestimating (I have unbelievably horrible depth-perseption), I would say that the two shorter sides are 150′ and the long side is about 200′? ish?

  2. That sure does look beautiful. I’m still working on the coop and doing homework on fruit trees for Inverness, Fl. Cirtus trees I have. One orange and one lemon/orange. I’ve heard about some apples and peach for this area but haven’t found who grows them. Oh also I would like a pear tree. As for the garden I’m going to raised beds. My back is not letting me do ground work. I still work it, but the next day or when I’m done weeding and picking I feel my back for the rest of the day. To many chores to do the I love to be hurting as I do them. No calf yet, She’ll probably decide to have it the day I’m going to see the Dexter’s. Which is 3 hours away! My daughter is going to drive me. She so sweet. We’re a one car family and my hubby needs it to go to work. So if I need to go anywhere I ride the bike or hitch a ride with my Aunt or Uncle when they go to town. Sometimes my mother-law picks me up if she needs to go into town, Oh I have feet I could walk too. LOL Well I better go start the day. You have a wonderful day!!!! Mare

    • Mare, Check with the UF extension, they have an extensive list of Florida friendly fruit trees. Figs and Plums do well in North Florida, and UF has come up with several hybrids that are specifically bred for this area. They sell them on craigslist fairly often. Good luck!:)

    • Ah, citrus. I would have added citrus (I love lemons and grew up in a house with two happy lemon trees), but we get too much snow and freezing weather here. It would take too much work to plant citrus in the yard and keep it alive in the winters. Maybe an indoor dwarf plant.

      Knowing ornery animals, I would have to agree with you that she will probably calve as soon as you leave to see some other cows. 😉 You have a wonderful day as well, Mare!

  3. What a wonderful plan! So many apple trees in it, I can already smell the apple pies in the oven 🙂 I wish I could have one fruit tree but my hubby hasn’t agreed to it. At least I have my little raised vegetable bed this year.

  4. This looks awesome! I love that you have a Persimmon tree on there, I love it when those are in season at the farmers markets!:) I can’t wait until we can get some fruit trees in our front yard! They didn’t make the cut this year, maybe next.

    • Me too. I literally have a freezer full of persimmons from a friend that were picked last winter. I’ll have to look into the different types, but I remember the persimmon tree at my grandmother’s house having fruit you could just pick and eat. I know that some types are astringent until cooked; no thanks.
      Maybe if my dear Grammy reads this she can try to recall what type of persimmon that was?

  5. That’s a whole lot of apple trees! I stopped getting email notices of your posted blogs and knew you had posted something. Glad I went to my bookmarked section to catch up.

  6. Hi Sarah! What a gorgeous garden plan! I have a similarly sized area I would like to eventually plant in an aesthetically pleasing manner (as you’ve done) but everytime I sit down to plan I get overwhealmed by the unique requirements of each plant (trelised plants shading out other veggies, drainage issues, companion planting…). Have you planned which plants will go in certain beds? If so, do you have any tips for we ambitious novices?

  7. Hello everyone, Been busy these couple of days. Thanks for the advice Lindsey I’ll check into it. And Yes Sara-lu had her calf. On the 23 rd at 1:45 pm. It’s a bull. And black like his daddy(.Angus) Everyone is well and health!!!! If I knew how to add pic I’d add one. But not to good with computer. Mare

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