Random Thoughts on a Random Day

Every morning while I lead Freyja over to the milking stand, her three boys belt out obnoxious cries for her return. Breakfast, the buckling with the white ears, likes to sing. I’m talkin’ actual singing. I could have sworn I heard some David Bowie or MGMT this morning at the fence. Breakfast starts on one note and sings through half a scale before finally running out of breath. We may need to host American Caprine Idol here, folks.

Chickens could care less who you are. Unless you have food. Then you are their bestie and they would never think of leaving your side.

Farm cheese is basically ricotta. Ricotta is great in certain situations: pasta dishes, crackers, mac n’ cheese; but I want do delve into hard cheeses. I’ll have to break down and buy some starter culture for cheddar or jack because I have a hankering. Perhaps something even more exotic? Hmm…

The rabbits have not been paying attention to my many informational lectures on breeding. They don’t seem to understand that making babies for me is a good thing. For those of you who have been holding your breath for a rabbit, sorry, my rabbits are union.

Starting a web store is not as easy as one might think. Especially when you factor in the whole crappy-internet-connection-for-loading-pictures-and-pages thing. It wouldn’t be so excruciatingly painful to do if I weren’t trying to stick it to “the man” and bypass the whole pay-for-a-web-store-template-and-services thing. The hard part has been figuring out shipping costs.

Cami and I walked around the hügelkultur trying to fill in the big gaps with bean seeds and pumpkins. We put the pumpkins along the bottom edge so they can sprawl out as they like without shading other plants too much. I started some pepper plants in the window that are ready to go out too. As we were poking around, we couldn’t help but notice a bajillion little toads hiding in the straw. If the bed is moist enough for toads three days after watering, it is doing its job. We LOVE our hügelkultur.

Last night Trevor tells me over dinner that one of his customers offered him some free chickens. After the obvious question, “Um… then where are my chickens?!”, I told him that he can bring home any of the following and get brownie points: Naked Neck Turkens, Jersey Giants, blue egg layers, green egg layers, or any other exotic poultry. With the exception of Silkies, of course. I hate Silkies.

I need to MacGyver a little hoop house for the turkeys very, very soon. They are huge already! In just a few weeks, they have quadrupled in size. I don’t think they are even a month old yet! After seeing a couple wild turkeys walking around the front yard by the goat pen this morning (not at all concerned with my presence, I might add), I started to seriously question the $40 I spent on turkey poults at the feed store. All I really needed to spend was a solid $5 on a big butterfly net.

Lastly, I should note that I was very upset to discover that my chicken waterer (word?) has been leaking. I think I have some silicone goop around here somewhere that I used to repair the goat “watering trough”. Hopefully I don’t have to buy a new one. Although, the chickens seem perfectly content to drink out of the bucket outside that Cami fills up with “poisonous soup”, aka: water with grass and pinecones in it.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Random Day

  1. Who are you using to set up your store? I made a feeble attempt at BlueHost and OpenCart. After failing miserably, I signed up with BigCommerce. It was still more than my newbie-self could handle and I shut it down. People make it sound so easy. I suppose it is if one is naturally inclined to computer-speak and coding.

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