Seed Swap

I don’t know about you folks, but I always seem to have doubles of some seed packets. Or, I end up having had ordered too much of some seed last year that just didn’t want to grow in my climate. Hello Brussels sprouts. Let’s swap seeds!

Here are the rules:

• We are going to swap via email so if you are not comfortable using your own email address, feel free to use mine ( with the subject line: “Seed Swap Attn:________”.
• When you have found someone to swap seeds with, simply leave an additional comment on the thread saying that the swap has been completed.
• Seed senders and recipients are responsible for their own swap. Do not send money! If someone is abusing our friendly little swap, let me know immediately.

General swap listing format:

Seeds to Swap:
Looking to Swap For:
Email Address: (you may use “Seed Swap Attn:_____”)

2 thoughts on “Seed Swap

  1. this is a lovely idea but as a newbie i don’t have any to swap…if anyone has lots of extras to donate,i’d be grateful.


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