June Means…

Summertime Shorties for the rabbits. Haircuts, guys, haircuts. The rabbits wouldn’t stay still for a photo op. They are probably a little embarrassed because I lack proper hairdressing skills. Let’s just say, the rabbits look a little scraggly right now… like someone took scissors to their long locks… which I did.

It will grow back by the end of summer.



5 thoughts on “June Means…

  1. I’m trying electric clippers on my gentlest bunny for the first time. We picked up an old dog clipper for about $5 to just try out instead of scissor shearing. I love it! I’m using the smallest poodle blade for him… we were joking about giving the bunny a poodle cut!
    The only problem is that if I’m not paying attention to where the cord is, he will bite it. It’s a soft cord, so he’s bitten through it half way 3 times. I’m using electric tape to repair the cord, but I am a little scared that he will get shocked!

    • I would love to know what brand it is. I tried clippers before and they just didn’t cut well on the angora fiber. With so many rabbits at any given time, it would be nice to shear them up nice and fast. And let’s face it, a rabbit with a poodle-cut would be hilariously cute.

      • I’m sure a good pair of clippers would speed things up for you!
        Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to be much help. I got my clippers at a thrift store. When I said old, I meant OLD about this baby. The brand is Oster, and the clippers were made around 1962, but it still works!
        Maybe you could find a similar model on Ebay or Craigslist?
        One reason I didn’t try shears was because I had read that a good pair costs around $300 bucks. Well, my $5 purchase works great, but in time it will probably wear out.
        Also, when I’m using mine it really helps to go slowly with the clippers and not to try to push them through the wool and matts, but it’s still faster and safer than scissors.
        Hope this helps!

        BTW, thanks for the feature back in March. It sent my views to an all time high!

  2. Our boys got their summer hairdos today as well. They do look funny but are bouncing around more than before. Girls tomorrow.

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