4 thoughts on “Milk to Cheese

  1. Wow you have been super busy!!!!! Seems like you made your new home fit right in. Everything looks great!!!!! And your cheese making looks good. I’m still waiting for Sarah-lu to calf. Sometime this month. I’m down to 2 now. Reba went to a new farm and Patti went to the meat market. Feeding the large cows was costing me to much. I have Stormy left for another 3 month and he goes to the butcher. Sara-lu will be here another 10 month and her and the calf will go. I plan to get a small cow. I’m looking at Dextere’s cows. They are dual in meat and milk. So I then can finally try my cheese. I won’t be getting goats then but I’m ok with that. Our garden is going good. And the chickens are fine too. I had to stop on the fodder for now. To much mold problem. OH I did try one raised box in the garden. Will change to that if it goes well. Hope everyone is well there. Have a Great Day and keep up the pic’s and stories I love to see them all. Mare

    • Thanks Mare! I love to hear your farmy updates. Send me some pictures if/when you get a Dexter cow. I have heard good things about them too: quiet, eat less because they are smaller, and a good “homestead-sized dairy breed”.
      Fodder is really tough to keep going in the summer. Mine is kind of in and out. One week I will have a really good batch and the next week will grow too slowly. Right now I am supplementing the rabbits with organic alfalfa pellets (I have to buy them for the goats anyway) and then they get whatever/however much fodder grew for that particular day. In fact, I am growing it in my spare ugly shower right now because we are hitting 102*F already! Yikes!
      Glad to hear that everyone is doing well, including the garden. 🙂

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